The M&B Family

This is the M&B family. We would like to honour our team members and their fantastic work. Without their persistent efforts, M&B wouldn’t be the same. We value every beautiful moment of every day with our wonderfully active team. Because our amazing team is, intrinsically, our strength.

Maleeha Khan (Concept Designer)

Maleeha offers fresh fashion ideas to M&B, integrating youthful styles. She has completed her B.Com in Accounting and Finance from Ryerson University in Canada. She is currently working as an auditor and pursuing her CPA designation. In her spare time, Maleeha devotes her time to learning the Tafsir of the Qur’an and enjoys baking, reading, indoor gardening, and blogging at

Basma Khan (Content Writer)

Basma is studying English at Ryerson University in Canada, where she is thoroughly involved in a myriad of extracurricular activities. When she’s not studying, Basma can be found writing, reading, or trying new things. She blogs at 

Yumna Sultan (Reciter)

Yumna has graciously agreed to give us her voice, which you can listen to on our home page. She has completed Taleem Al Qur’an and Taleem Al Hadith. She has also memorized the entire Qur’an and is her last year of high school and studying other riwayas (recitation styles), such as warsh. In her spare time, Yumna likes to volunteer at the masjid and at local hospitals.

Saman Khan (Gharara Designer)

Saman is experienced in designing ghararas, lehengas, sarees and other heavy party wear. Saman has studied at La Martiniere Girls College, and has her Master of Arts from Lucknow University, India. She found her passion of designing in a basic course in college. Her interest grew every time she entered a clothing store, which eventually led to her exhibiting her work in the Middle East. Now, Saman is running her own business with the help of her family.

Parvinder Kaur (Abaya Designer)

Parvinder, who is dearly known as Pari at M&B, belongs from the beautiful land of Kashmir. She is an integral part of the M&B family. She has completed her graduation. She has been fond of fashion designing since her teen years and now enjoying her passion.

Salma Khursheed (Craftsperson)

Rooheena always admired her mother’s sense of creativity. Growing up, she noticed that her mother was involved in the intricacies of stitching. She would be seen surrounded by her materials, crafting clothes for her children with blissful enjoyment. At times, her mother would even be knitting or crocheting winter-wear. Her creative talents were truly relentless. Rooheena believes her mother plays a pivotal role in her love for fashion.

Now at the age of 85, Rooheena’s mother believes that all of this exquisite art should be preserved for future generations, since she believes a lot of artistic talents are underappreciated in the modern world. She hopes to raise money through her handmade pieces and donate all proceeds to the needy. 

To this day, Rooheena’s mother is very talented in the designing and stitching of various traditional handcrafts, including Lucknow’s legendary hand purses (battuas), Quran covers, crochet and more. Exclusive hand made pieces are on the are going to love them.