A Message from the Founders

"At M&B, our role is to provide the highest quality products that are comfortable, affordable and easy to maintain. We have heard your demands in our surveys loud and clear, and we want to ensure that you will be satisfied, In shaa Allah."

Rooheena Khan

An ex-banker, a student of the Qur’an, a mother and now, an entrepreneur! It all began with a dream of doing good deeds that would benefit generations to come. A dream that would flourish by uplifting the needy and helping the helpless.

Rooheena was born and raised in Malihabad, a village near Lucknow, India. She has completed her Bachelor’s in Science from Isabella Thoburn College and her Master’s in Human Resources from Lucknow University. She started her career by working as a salesperson in India and soon after got married. The couple had their first daughter and in 1997 moved to the U.A.E in hopes of a better future. In 1998, Rooheena joined Citibank, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. A few years later, they were blessed with a second daughter and Rooheena continued working in the banking industry along with raising her two daughters. Her 7-year long experience at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (A.D.CB) comprised various roles as she progressed in her career. She started as a Sales Officer in Retail Banking, then a Team Leader in the A.D.C.B outbound centre and finally made a shift to Wealth Management as an Investment Relationship Manager. In 2010, Rooheena performed Hajj and decided to leave her 12-year-long banking career.

In 2014, the family moved to Canada in order to provide their daughters with the best education. Little did Rooheena know that Allah SWT had planned a blessed journey of learning the Quran. She heard about Quran classes being held at a prestigious institute in Mississauga and enrolled as a full-time student. She has completed Taleem al Quran, Diploma in Islamic Education. The knowledge acquired through the Quran brought great changes in Rooheena’s perspective of life and made her more passionate in her Iman (faith) in Allah SWT. Studying the Qur’an taught her many lessons, one of which was the importance of hijab and so Allah SWT blessed her with the gift of wearing Abaya with neqab. The gift of hijab also came along with a strong passion of helping the needy for the sake of Allah SWT.

In the midst of this, her peers, teachers at the Islamic institute and friends in Canada were keen on learning where she had got her Abayas from, how much they cost, if they were custom-made, etc. Rooheena gives special credit to her teacher Taimiyyah Zubair for encouraging her to start her venture. Many women were intrigued by the colors of the Abayas, which were from the UAE. Every day, there seemed to be more women who requested her to get her some Abayas the next time she visited U.A.E. In addition to the variety of Abayas, Rooheena realized the difficulties women in the West had in finding clothing that truly reflected Islamic guidelines. 

Coming from a background in sales, banking and family business, Allah SWT made Rooheena fortunate enough to envision starting a business of Abayas and modest clothing. Rooheena was ambitious to start her own venture as it would be a means of encouraging women to act upon Allah’s command and also a means of earning money which she could spend in the way of Allah SWT.

After several one-on-one conversations, research and surveys, the need for modest clothing in the market became apparent. With everyone’s encouragement, Rooheena grew more determined and decided to develop M&B to fulfill her vision. 

Rooheena’s goal is to help needy children to obtain good education, especially girls. She believes that just as her daughters obtained education, every other child should too.

In February 2019, Rooheena and her husband registered the venture and opened a store in Ajman, U.A.E.

Ikram Khan

In the creation of M&B, Ikram has been with Rooheena every step of the way. He is her life partner and advisor, continually offering suggestions and innovative ideas. 

Ikram has his Bachelor’s in Science from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), India and his Master’s in Systems Management from Delhi, India. He worked in India for the first few years of his career and also went for projects abroad. In 1997, Ikram and Rooheena moved to U.A.E in hopes of a better future. Ikram worked at Etisalat as a Telecom Engineer for 22 years and now has decided to pursue Rooheena’s venture full-time.

Being one of the eldest among his seven siblings, three brothers and four sisters, Ikram has always believed that everyone should get equal opportunities. He believes that females should not be underprivileged with regard to any matter merely due to their gender.

Rooheena believes that without her husband, fulfilling her vision of M&B wouldn’t have been possible. Ikram’s consistent support is crucial to the cultivation of M&B.